Apple WWDC (the trendy meeting in the big building)

by Claire 16/06/2009 03:24
My e-reader's been spouting all week about Apple's recent WWDC (which stands for 'Worldwide Developers conference' where newly released product developments cause good folk to envy the slightly better versions of their good existing technology).  And whilst I've been elated to hear about the bigger and better macs (well, smaller actually), the new iPhone compass (and the accidentally leaked 3G S specs) there was a nice little feature on the day on the wall that sparked some interest that's an interesting concept.  The display features some of the 50,000 app icons available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and created a rippling effect everytime customers world-wide purchased or downloaded an apple app.  It kept itself pretty busy, but disappointingly wasn't live - so is that because the Apple tech teams got distracted making other shiny things?  Watch it below.

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