Ladies and Gentlemen, Twitter Calendars at the Ready!

by Claire 17/06/2009 02:51
Organising your life around Twitter? "No, don't be foolish, that's for geeks."  Probably quite right, but themed days of the week are taking off.  Hashtags are ways of giving conversation topics a name and organising content.  If I want to talk to the twittersphere about 'office smells' then I might say 'smells like pancakes in the office today #officesmells' - thus someone might reply 'smells like dog over here #officesmells'.  It's not difficult science. (It's not actually science.)

So away from #officesmells and back to the new trend of #charitytuesdays which have just become pretty big.  Logically, they occur on tuesdays and now less in-your-face and demanding than regular chartiy giving, all your followers can find out about your cool charity prowess through the 'virtual badge'.

One enthusiastic Monday night the founders of came up with the idea and it caught on pretty quickly, gaining popularity within the first two hours of release.

"It's done absolutely remarkably well," says John Carnell, Chief Executive of Bullying UK.

This absolutely remarkably good idea stems from simple daily themes already trending on twitter such as #musicmonday (tell people what music you're listening to) #followfriday (suggest some people that you like following), #woofwednesday (claimed by dog-lovers)and #thankfulthursday had a bash too (say what you're thankful about).

Will this extend to the weekend?  Interestiongly twitter users appear to tweet mostly during the week, so it'll be interesting to see if anything makes it big in the twitter calender.

Or use Twistory to put your tweets into a calander;
"You didn't realize it, but you really want those Twitter messages in your calendar"  
..Sounds ace!

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Twitter: addictive for some...

by Claire 09/06/2009 04:49

Twitter: addictive for some, egotistical yuppie nonsense for others.. and now research to prove  it!

According to new research, 10 percent of users are making a massive 90 percent of tweets.  Harvard looked at 300,000 users and found that 40 percent of users stopped making posts after their first day.  With sites like @bbcnews or @guardiantech you can use Twitter as a 140 character e-reader to get your daily dose of news.

Not just this though, with research finding that not everyone's engaging in the phenomenon; two-thirds of people follow fewer than ten people and 25 per cent of people don't follow anyone. They also found that twitter users are more likely to follow men and not women, unlike other social networking sites.


According to this technical diagram courtesy of, Twitter is the sole social networking site to attract Narcissisistic, Stalking, and ADHD personas.

So for big names such as @Wossy (and a personal favourite @CharltonBrooker) it might be a great way to tell us about socks, the weather and hot pants. Meanwhile for the majority, we either stop tweeting or get addicted.  It does seem that once you're hooked through, the somewhat irrelevant nonsense of your day becomes important news.  

Now, off to a certain website to tell you all about this lovely blog post I've just written...


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