Augmented Reality; finally time for the fads to shove off?

by Claire 24/06/2009 03:23

Augmented Reality (yes yes, but keep reading) has been accused of being faddish. But it's only now as we see the technology fully developing into real uses that we'll see the gimmicky, repeated nonsense begin to peel away. You'd expect that there's only so many versions of holding a bit of paper infront of a screen to see an image appear that an audience can take, and it'll be interesting to see how these develop and improve.

 Looking at the current uses of AR since they're more ground-breaking, we've got the Wimbledon Seer and the Augmented Reality Browser. It's been nice to see sensible long-term applications more recently that'll do that important trick of bringing the user back. Whilst there's still a long way to go, it's been incporated into a Wimbledon 'Seer' and a phone browser. Using the browser, you can point the phone at an area and it'll tell you which houses are for sale, or more importantly where the pubs are. Video demonstrations of the technology in use below:

Wimbledon Seer:

Augmented Reality Browser:

How has the technology evolved?
Here's something that built nicely on the first Augmented Reality designs that spread around youtube and ereaders first like wildfire, and then slightly like spam. That said, it was the first music video that uses the technology, but it's important to question how long this'll keep users coming back for.

One campaign that made sense and played with the idea of Augmented Reality in a less than annoying way was the ads by
Poke. They took the TV concept created by Mother in the television ads, and continued it into AR. To show, first here's the TV spot:

Now here's two ways that this was used. One took the actual Sun newspaper and created a visual of Mr Duck on a tirade:

The other uses the 'black blob on white A4 paper' and lets the user become the virtual character and control it with their head:

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Grass, but not as we know it.

by Claire 16/06/2009 09:44
Lovely stuff grass; men can't seem to get enough of the stuff and have a continual quest to spend Sundays dragging a whirring machine over it.  "Ah, I have completed manly grass tasks," they say. "Now we shall survey our work from the comfort of this armchair whilst watching television and drinking beer."  Perhaps that's just in my household.  

Now, we may be talking about grass in a way that doesn't relate to a blade-wielding machine, but men (and women) you may still like this.. Not only pretty colours (that's me sold) but these pots are Tetris-shaped.  How could you top that? 

Not limited to Tetris, there are unusual uses for grass: clocks, umbrella stands, moss carpets, phone covers, and that wonderful category known as 'modern art'.

The idea is to leave umbrellas in the stand over grass, and gravity waters the plants with the water you and your umbrella have just brought home.

Wimbledon also got in on the act when they projected a black and white negative onto strips of grass and turned them into posters last year.

This might look a bit silly but it's man effort to break out of concrete jungles and "humanize and naturalize" the lines we see every day.  The grass comes in strips with pre-potted grass known as "Nature on a Tape."  Wonderful.

Read the rest here: here

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